Chapter Overview

Chapter 1:

Change Your Mindset

  • Think creatively like a buyer.
  • Think critically and analyze every facet of your business from every angle.
  • Focus on Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Think in terms of “Leverage.”

Chapter 2:

Set The Target

  • Set the value of your business today, which answers the question, “Where am I?”
  • Set the value of your business tomorrow, which answers the question, “Where am I going?”
  • Set the timeframe of when you want to be there, which answers the question, “When will I get there?”
  • Apply the Rule of 3%. Understand leverage = time + money

Chapter 3:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Analyze your P&L (profit & loss) by revenue or product stream.
  • Identify 4-5 critical items that drive your business value.
  • Ask your financial team to translate data into information.

Chapter 4: 

Rate Your People

  • Each person makes a difference and plays a key role
  • Rate the players on your team
  • Who to keep, coach or lose

Chapter 5: 

Lead Your People

  • Leverage you!
  • Balance tasks and people
  • Hold your team accountable

Chapter 6:

Hire, Train, and Retain

  • Hire your people
  • Train your people
  • Retain your people

Chapter 7: 

Everything Is a Process

  • Everything is a process
  • Constantly ask "How can we make this product more effective?”
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks

Chapter 8: 

Evaluate Technology

  • To do more with less
  • To map it out
  • Aggregate information
  • Build or buy

Chapter 9: 

Increase Profitable Sales (Part 1)

  • Increase price.
  • Diversify product offering.
  • Sell value, not cost.
  • Focus on Gross Profit.

Chapter 10: 

Increase Profitable Sales (Part 2)

  • Take the lid off.
  • Variable over Fixed.
  • Pay on Gross Profit.
  • Pay when paid.
  • Charge back write-offs.

Chapter 11: 


  • Know the difference between COGS and COSS.
  • Include correct costs.
  • Measure capacity and throughput.
  • Make information dynamic.

Chapter 12: 

Benchmark SG&A Expenses

  • Benchmark SG&A expenses.
  • Dig for gold!
  • Hold expenses accountable.
  • Grow your way into more value.

Chapter 13: 

Get Liquid!

  • Understand working capital.
  • Measure A/R, inventory, A/P.
  • Accelerate collections, ask nicely.
  • Slow down payments, ask nicely.
  • Manage inventory like it is gold!

Chapter 14: 

Debt is a Tool

  • Understand how bankers work, and don't work.
  • Calculate your collateral ability.
  • Communicate with your banker
  • Get to know the "right" banker.
  • No surprises.

Chapter 15: 

Reduce Risk

  • Understand between internal and external risk.
  • Understand the Fraud Triangle.
  • Identify internal risks and solutions.
  • Identify external risks and solutions.
  • Take steps to reduce or mitigate risk.

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